April 22, 2020

The Day That Someone Saw Me: About Amy

The Day That Someone Saw Me: About Amy

In the northwest corner of Washington State lies the sleepy town of Port Angeles. With approximately 20,000 residents, the homeless community is growing and is quite visible. Amy, our guest, has become an advocate for the homeless. We spent a few hours together talking and meeting some of her friends... her homeless friends. She works 24/7 and her mission in life is to meet individuals where they are at, and guide them on a journey to resolve. She has a spirit to be the advocate the un-sheltered need. She caused me to look on the inside... to search my motivations and desire to help. She will do this for you too. This is Amy...

Amy is a champion for the homeless. And when I say champion, I don’t mean just someone who supports those without shelter. I mean a true, unmitigated… champion. In fact, I would liken her to a patron saint of the homeless. 

I arrived in February to meet Amy and learn about her mission. She has not only taken on the homeless epidemic in Port Angeles… she has helped to create a family of people who can trust her, come to her with anything, and count on her for always being present in their lives. Amy manages the Program of Olympic Penninsula Community Clinic called "Rediscovery." And she has had an impact on not only the homeless, but on the entire community. She changed minds, changed hearts and changes lives.

If you’d like to learn more about Amy and the amazing work she is doing in Port Angeles, please visit the Olympic Penninsula Community clinic facebook page:




 Amy will reach right back and answer any questions… even those that may seem trivial. You can help. You can grow. And you can acknowledge those the need acknowledgement. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the person that someone write about someday. And maybe, just maybe, your chapter will be called “The Day Someone That Saw Me.”

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