April 18, 2020

Red Hot Cluster: About Martin

Red Hot Cluster: About Martin

Special Episode Release... Tempers are emerging. Protests are growing. Anger is climbing. Frustration has hit an all-time high. This special episode is released today in response to the extended moratorium on rent and mortgage collection, and while recorded in February, this is the prime time to release such an episode.

Rent control and loopholes in the law are a major part of the homeless epidemic. When you hear of a landlord dealing with tenants that won’t pay, consider there might be more to their story. When you hear of a tenant who might face eviction due to not paying, consider the tenant’s story. You might be surprised the harder you listen, and you just might realize that their journey is unique and can’t be lumped into a single issue. 

Our guest is Martin. He lives in the greater Los Angeles area and has spent time inside and outside the court system dealing with eviction notices, un-warranted shaming, and processes of developing an interest in the development of safe shelters.

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