May 6, 2020

Never Alone: About Richard

Never Alone: About Richard

Do you feel hopeless right now? Do you feel alone? Or are you finding rejuvenation in resetting your perspective? This episode might do just that... Today we will hear from Richard, a drug addict turned outreach administrator for the Union Gospel Mission. He is on the Search and Rescue team and hits the streets every single day, looking to not only bring hope and joy to those that meets, but with the mission to make sure that those he talks with walk away with this to remember: they matter… they are seen.

Richard’s story began as a child in an abusive home. He recalls this in the interview, but we will hear as he comes out of the darkness and into the light. He will talk about the value of the human spirit, the brilliance of a strong faith in God, and the powerful acceptance of the fact that homelessness is more of a relationship issue than it is a resource issue. Richard exudes success and redemption… and has learned to trust not only in others… but in himself. 

The music in this episode is the advent remix by Moby , and is called "Like a Motherless Child." The Homeless Podcast is proud to offer this music from


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