July 1, 2020

Racial, Social, Economic Justice: About Tim

Racial, Social, Economic Justice: About Tim

The power of community is a power that will change this world: radical social justice. Homelessness is not about individual failures… it is about a structural abandonment. An unequal and racist society must be confronted head on if we hope to change. Justice is key. Justice is the goal. Justice… is Real Change.

Real Change News is Meeting people where they are at. Providing jobs to those that might not be able to hold down a traditional job. Flexibility to meet individual needs. Embracing sobriety with a purpose. Read Change News does so much to help so many.  Visit Real Change News today to donate or learn how you can support this amazing outreach that is have IMMEDIATE results for those seeking help... for those seeking direction.




My special thanks to Moby, the world-renown recording artist, DJ and philanthropist. The Homeless Podcast is proud to share his song “welcome to hard times” in this episode, and is shared here courtesy of 


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