Jan. 29, 2020

72 Hours: About Jackson

72 Hours: About Jackson

With only 72 hours to clear out a tent city in Tacoma, Washington, we talk with Jackson, a well-spoken and clear-headed individual who is doing what he can to get off the streets... but is forced to leave the only home he has. This episode listens to those that live in tent cities and look for a way out... but each story is different. Each story has a beginning. Most stories... have no end.

Jackson has been in the park for over 2 years. He lost his wife to sickness… and remarks how he is so grateful for the time God gave me with her. He is in his upper 50’s, wears a camouflage jacket that looks old and torn, and lights up a cigarette. 

Jackson can’t find a job, can’t get on the list to be accepted into the tiny home village that the city built, and can’t understand where all the money has gone that  "...is supposed to help us get on our feel." He understands the desperation and economic disasters that have led to so many being without homes. He has lost his greatest love to the elements, and has the look of both victim and owner of his predicament. On his face… pain.

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