The Homeless Podcast

The Homeless Podcast

A podcast that dives into the lives of individuals who live on the fringe of society, examining what REALLY happens when someone loses everything. This podcast tells the stories of those who have found themselves down a pathway that they perhaps never thought they would. Interviews with homeless individuals raise awareness for the roots of this problem, and stories are told from the Pacific Northwest... stories that share the truth from the source... from those most affected.

Recent Episodes

Government Non-Profit Organizations Racial Justice Social Justice

The Roar of Compassion: About Alisa

July 21, 2020

Everyone has their own story. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. Everyone has potential to bre…

Advocacy Government Non-Profit Organizations Racial Justice Social Justice

Racial, Social, Economic Justice: About Tim

July 1, 2020

The power of community is a power that will change this world: radical social justice. Homelessness…

Advocacy Rent Control/Families Unsheltered Youth

Babies on the Street: About Brittan

June 17, 2020

Today, you will meet Brittan. She is the Executive Director of Babies of Homelessness based in Seat…

Advocacy Drug Addictions Non-Profit Organizations Outreach Youth

Affirming Compassion: About Rob & Our Youth

June 3, 2020

40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ. These young adults that are highly rejected by their families are …

Drug Addictions Native American Outreach Youth

7 Years in Limbo: About Gordon

May 20, 2020

American Indians represent 10% of the homeless population in Seattle Washington’s King County and …

Drug Addictions Non-Profit Organizations Outreach

Never Alone: About Richard

May 6, 2020

Do you feel hopeless right now? Do you feel alone? Or are you finding rejuvenation in resetting you…